Weed Control Tips

Lawn Full Of Dandelions Dandelions– Chances are good that if you have a lawn, you have dandelions. These troublesome weeds are the scourge of everyone who dreams of having a lush lawn. Unfortunately, dandelions are […]

Lawn Weeds Are Never A Good Thing! There isn’t a homeowner who hasn’t looked with envy at the lush, green, weed-free lawn on a golf course and thought, “If only my grass looked like that!” […]

Quick Tip #14: Controlling Sedge Weeds Sedge Control can be difficult, even by professionals. The best method for controlling nutsedge is to create a healthy, dense, stand of turfgrass that can compete with weeds. Sedge […]

Nutsedge is terrible news when it crops up in your lawn. Usually, it looks a lot like grass, but don’t be fooled. This is an invasive weed that’s hard to control. It muscles in on […]

Having an impeccable, lush lawn is one of the joys of being a homeowner. Many things, including regular mowing, watering, fertilization, and weed control are involved in the routine maintenance that goes along with an […]

Poison Ivy Plant At some point or another, we will all run into Poison Ivy plant. Poison Ivy ID and Control “Leaves of three, leave them be.” “One, two, three don’t touch me.” “Berries white, […]

Eight Worst Weeds in North Texas With all the rain north Texas has had, and facing what is always a hot summer, now more than ever, everyone’s lawn will be a haven for weeds. And […]

Dallisgrass Control in North Texas When it comes to lawns, all grasses are not created equal. Dallisgrass Control in North Texas is a serious problem, made worse by regulations on the main weed control product […]

Reign in Horsenettle Weeds With its extensive root system and ability to reproduce by seeds, is a persistent problem in Texas lawns. Though its name contains “nettle,” this is something of a misnomer. The plant […]

Virginia Buttonweed Control If you have a lawn in Texas, then chances are good that you have seen some Virginia buttonweed cropping up in it. This warm season, perennial weed gets its start in the […]

Can I Kill Goosegrass? Goosegrass is a particularly troubling weed for Texas residents. Sometimes called wiregrass, goosegrass may be either an annual or a perennial depending on where you live. It develops seeds quickly, and […]

How Can I Prevent and Kill Crabgrass Spotting crabgrass in your lawn is enough to make any homeowner feel crabby. This problem weed thrives on hot, dry conditions, so it loves Texas summers. Even worse, […]

Poa annua grass is a big problem in Texas lawns It has a tendency to die during long bouts of hot weather, leaving brown patches in a green lawn. This is frustrating for property owners […]

Too Much Luck Finding Clover in Your Lawn? Tradition tells us that four-leaf clovers are lucky. However, if you find clover in your lawn, you’re likely to feel anything but fortunate. It can be difficult […]

Nutsedge is identifiable by its yellow-green grassy leaves If left unchecked, it will develop a yellow or purple spiky head. Nut sedge is among the toughest weeds to control because grows from small tubers, or […]

Is Oxalis Yellow Wood Sorrel Creeping Into your Lawn? If oxalis is creeping into your lawn, then it’s important to act quickly. Oxalis, often referred to as yellow wood sorrel, spreads fast, and it’s difficult […]

Thistles – A Painful Subject in Weed Control If you have thistles in your lawn, then you know what a painful subject they can be. That’s because thistles are covered with prickly protrusions that really […]

Henbit weeds in north Texas Henbit, like most weeds, is successful at growing anywhere. You’ll see it in parking lots and along roadsides throughout Texas. However, what’s really bad is that you’ll also see it […]

How to Control Wild Violets If you’re seeing a large number of pretty purple blooms in your turf, then you may have a wild violet infestation. Wild violets may be pretty, but that doesn’t mean […]

Battling Asters in Your Lawn You probably love the site of asters, you may have even planted some in your garden, but if they are coming up in your lawn, it can be a different […]

The Scourge of Spotted Spurge in Texas In Texas, we have hot summers. That heat comes with downsides. You have to worry about heat exhaustion and sunburn. Plus, if you have a lawn, you have […]

Is Your Lawn making You Sick? Ragweed and other Weed Allergies Most people think of Spring as being the major allergy season, but this isn’t the case for people with allergies to ragweed and other […]

Using Pre-Emergent For Weed Prevention Are weeds waging a battle in your lawn? Using pre-emergent for weed prevention at the right time and in the correct manner can help. By properly applying a quality pre-emergent […]

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