Winter Weeds In North East Texas

The weeds that are present now are winter annual or winter perennial weeds. An annual is a plant that will germinate from seed, grow, flower, set seed and die in one year. Perennial weeds will continue to come back each year.

If you were a weed, your primary goal would be to produce as many offspring as possible. That is what you live for. Many weeds can produce thousands of seeds in a very short time. Some weeds can throw those seeds out several feet so that they have a better chance of a successful life. Many weeds have a trigger mechanism that comes in to play when they are damaged. Have you ever noticed that after mowing or possibly a weed control treatment weeds will grow very fast the next day? They know they are weakened and had better get their seeds developed and spread out as soon as possible. This is why pre-emergent control is so important, don’t let the seeds germinate and become weed plants in the first place.

Winter weeds can be divided into two large groups: grassy or broadleaf.

If it looks like a grass, with a slender blade-type leaf, it is most likely in the grassy weed family.  Broadleaf weeds have a more diverse collection of leaf shapes and don’t look like grass. Here are a few common Texas winter weeds.

Mouse Ear Chickweed

Mouse Ear Chickweed

Both Mouse Ear Chickweed and Common Chickweed are a winter weed problem.  Each small plant can produce 10,000 and 15,000 seeds per season.  Chickweed is a winter perennial weed.  It thrives in moist soils but will grow about anywhere.


Clover weed

Clover, also called white clover, is a common winter weed with prostate, hairy branched stems. The leaves alternate with three leaflets that are serrated from a mid-blade to tip.  Often you can find 4 leaved cloves if you spend enough time looking.  Clover attracts bees which adds to the reasons to keep it under control. People often call Oxalis clover, but it has small yellow flowers. Too Much Luck Finding Clover In Your Lawn?


Henbit Weed in Texas Lawn

Henbit a winter annual and is in in the mint family. It grows fast and is identifiable by its square stems and purple flowers. Henbit is often confused with Purple Deadnettle but Deadnettle has triangular leaves.  Henbit is very common and shows up when the winter – early spring temperatures go up.  Find out more about  Henbit Weeds In North Texas Lawns.


Dandelion weed

Dandelions and False Dandelions are very common in the winter in our area.  Dandelions are a perennial broadleaf weed.  They can come up from their long – up to 12 inches- tap root so can be hard to kill.  The seeds are produced on puffballs or blowballs above the leaves.  The way the seeds are produced on the puffball, they are engineered so that they have a make-shift parachute that will take the seed a long way from the mother plant.  This gives it a better chance to find a welcome place to land and germinate.

Discover more about Dandelions in this article, Dandelions Taking Over Your Lawn?

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